Fryer oil recycling


Responsible Disposal

As your reliable provider for grease trap service, it is our mission to be Chicagoland's premier provider in removing your used fryer oil. A&P is a licensed Fryer Oil processor with the State of Illinois. We accept all types of oil.* 

How to get $0.30 Gallon

How We're Different

We want our customers to focus on what they do best, not worrying about their used fryer oil check is coming in the mail. Recycling with A&P saves you time and money because we give you a credit towards the services you already use if you struggle keeping your fryer oil free from water and debris.

Regular Service

Our customers use custom made 55 gal, 208 gal, and 298 gallon receptacles that we provide for fryer oil recycling. We service the receptacles as often as necessary. Giving you one less thing you have to worry about!

Highest Oil Value

We pass the highest possible oil value on to you, our customer, on the first quote. Should excessive waste be found in your oil, we will look to remedy the situation before changing the cost structure. 

*Must be fryer oil only. Grease trap waste in a fryer oil container will incur an additional charge.